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Piggy bank

Piggy bank

A classic piggy bank can be a great baby shower gift. Start saving early!

By the editorial staff

Piggy bank

The piggy bank is a great, classic baby gift. And as a bonus, the pig can also aid children in learning financial responsibility and the importance of saving money.

The baby gift idea:
Piggy banks have changed a lot in recent years. There are basketball, purse, train, dog and dinosaur piggy banks. There are designer piggy banks. There are electronic, singing, moving and interactive piggy banks. Oh yeah, and there are still 'pig' piggy banks.

Personalizing the gift:
If your bank is the shape of an animal, create a small shirt or jacket to slip over the animal. Embroider the baby's name on this shirt. Make sure the cloth does not interfere with the slit for depositing money.

If the piggy bank has a ceramic or hard surface, consider having an airbrush studio write the baby's name on the bank. Airbrush studios are very affordable.

Put some coins in the piggy bank. Start baby off with a little spending money!

YeahBaby thoughts:
Every baby needs a piggy bank. And this baby shower gift idea also teaches financial responsibility. The gift giver can take great pride should the little one grow up to be a Wall Street investment banker or titan of an industry!

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